Store Policy



All praise to the creator of the heavens and earth and peace to all. Aneeqi Naturals intention is to deliver beneficial products and quality customer service to all of our clients. In doing so, we have set our store policy to provide more information in regards to placing orders, payments, processing, shipping, returns, customizing and wholesale.



Orders can be placed online 24 hours/day. To place an order, simply click on desired product page, select item of choice by adding to cart, select checkout or cart, enter shipping info and page will route to Paypal checkout where payment info must be entered and then submitted to complete order. Delivery of retail packages vary between 2-10 business days (Saturday and Sunday not included). 



Payments are made through Paypal. A Paypal account is not needed to place orders. Debit/Credit/Prepaid/Gift cards such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Payable invoices are also accepted by clients request.



Processing time may vary according to date and time order was placed, quantity of order and type of product ordered due to required freshness and shelf life of products. Processing times for retail orders are 1-7 business days (Saturday & Sunday not included).



Once processing of orders are completed, shipping info will be provided via email. Aneeqi Naturals currently ships all orders through the USPS Priority mail. Shipping times range within 1-3 business days (Saturday and Sunday not included). At the present time, orders are only shipped within the United States.  

**IMPORTANT**Please make sure all shipping info is correct before payment such as name, address and provide contact info in message/note space provided.



Once package is received and products are opened, no returns are accepted due to sanitary and health safety. Depending on circumstances should an issue arise and client requests to return, replacement products will be re-shipped at no additional cost to client. If package is returned due to a discrepancy in the shipping address client is responsible to pay for re-shipping (see**IMPORTANT**located in shipping terms). If a refund is requested, there will be a re-stocking fee of 25% of total purchase. 



For wholesale inquiries, price list or to place wholesale order please visit our contact page and submit request. One dozen=12pcs minimum is required to place a wholesale order. All wholesale/customized orders are sold by the dozen= 12 and are not meant to be broken down. If a wholesale/customized order is needed in another amount other than by the dozen, client will be charged $1extra added to the wholesale price per item for remaining pieces. (ex: Order placed for 18 body butters; 12 butters ($3.50)= $42 + 6 butters($4.50)= $27, so order total will be $42+$27=$69 not including shipping). Wholesale orders take up to 14 business days (Saturday and Sunday not included) sometimes sooner. If placing a customized/favor order for an event, orders must be placed at least 18 business days before event date to ensure product quality and on time arrival of shipment.